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July 19, 2021

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On page 559 of "The History of Boone County, Missouri 1882" the location of Perche Church is given as follows: in the center of section 19, township 51, range 13 which is exactly where it is today. This book also says that the present church building is a fine frame structure 34 X 50 feet in size and was built in the year 1880 at a cost of $1,200 (there are a couple of pictures of this old building on the church webpage. Click on the link to the right and go to the picture page), There is no mention of the adjacent cemetery however I have found the following listings in the transcription which is a part of this site.

Mildred Barnett -- April 8, 1852 - October 7, 1857
Mary M. Clayton -- April 18, 1842 - July 29, 1845
Rev. William White -- July 28, 1793 - September 26, 1858

There are several more prior to 1880 however these are the oldest I found in a quick scan of the transcription. Assuming these markers were not erected at some later date as a memorial the cemetery has been at this location for at least 160 years as I write this in late May 2005.

I have collected some additions to the cemetery listing from various sources which I deem to be reliable such as obits from newspapers etc. These have been added in the cemetery transcription.

If you have additions please let me know. However I will require some documentation before adding to this webpage.


To make a donation send to below address:

Perche Cemetery Association, INC.
4151 W Rt. F
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Perche Cemetery Association. INC only source of income is interest from a fund invested at interest, a small burial fee and donations by family and friends. Perche Baptist Church and the cemetery moneys are separate, we get no money from Perche Baptist Church. If you would like to help with mowing the cemetery the easiest way is to send a donation, large or small to the above address. The Perche Church Road address is the Church/cemetery location not a mailing address.


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